Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Fico Credit Score

An article in the Wall Street Journal caught my attention on the train in to work today. I'd heard the credit bureaus were coming up with a new credit score calculation called "FICO 08", but I wasn't sure when it was coming into play. According to the article, TransUnion is going to begin offering the score today, but it could be months or years before it comes into common use and consumers can find out their own scores.

Supposedly the new methodology will make credit scores more accurate at predicting defaults, which will allow lenders such as mortgage companies to more properly price loans to consumers.

My FICO score is very high (I don't think much has changed since the last time I looked at it), but the problem I've run into being in my late 20s is that my credit history is relatively short, which worked against my credit score. From what I've read in the article, FICO 08 is supposed to correct this somewhat:

"The score, which will still range from 300 to 850 -- the higher, the better --
is fine-tuned to do a deeper analysis of subprime borrowers or those with "thin"
or young credit histories, according to Fair Isaac. More consumers with accounts
in good standing should also see their scores increase slightly, says Tom Quinn,
vice president of global scoring solutions at Fair Isaac. Overall, Fair Isaac
predicts FICO 08 will improve the accuracy of lending decisions by as much as

Not life-changing news by any stretch of the imagination, but as someone who is potentially in the market to buy a home, it piqued my interest.

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