Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bespoke Investment Group's Blog

I came across Bespoke Investment Group's blog yesterday while surfing around the Interweb and found it interesting enough to recommend that you head over there and check it out. From what I've read, the company does small financial research projects tailored (hence the term "Bespoke," which is a term mainly used in the UK to describe customized or individually tailored clothing etc...) to a client's needs. It looks like most of the stuff they show is the type of research someone with access to Bloomberg or some other market data provider can do, but not everyone has a need for access to these tools (mainly due to cost), so Bespoke grab the info and run a report for you on a one-off basis as needed. I'm curious what their pricing is like.

I wouldn't suggest you base your entire investment philosophy off of the things you read on Bespoke's web site because a good portion of it is technical analysis and I'm not a big fan of that. However, they do have some interesting charts and comparisons that could lead to some ideas for further research. For someone like me who follows the markets, I like occasional looks at high-yield spreads and how 2006's best and worst performing stocks did in 2007. I can't talk about their service because I haven't used it, but it seems interesting.

I also liked their piece on Yale University's Endowment Fund and I remember reading the Yale Endowment Fund case study back in business school. The Yale fund's annual report, which they link to in the blog, makes for some interesting reading but don't expect them to reveal too many secrets in there.

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