Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Taj Mahal Does Not Want Your US Dollars Anymore

Add Indian tourist sites to the list of places that won't accept dollars anymore. According to a recent ruling from the Indian Government, visitors will no longer be allowed to pay admission fees to places like the Taj Mahal in US Dollars. They must use Rupees instead. According to the BBC, "The ruling is aimed at safeguarding tourism revenues following the recent falls in the dollar."

The Taj Mahal joins the likes of model Gisele Bundchen and rapper Jay-Z as the latest object of public interest to snub the dollar.

Just tossing that out there.

By the way, im watching Bloomberg TV- Asian markets are open on Sunday nights in NYC. Did you know that the Pakistani government's 10-year bond is yielding 10.3% right now? I'm not sure how you could buy one of those and given the fact that the country is currently under emergency rule , I'm not sure you would want to buy one. How much do you trust a 10-year promise that Pakistan will pay you back? Actually, taking that a step further... why would you ever want to support such a government by loaning money to it?

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