Thursday, July 18, 2013


As many advanced googlers know, if you type in a search term with a minus sign before it, your search will not return results with that word in it. I was just sitting here doing a thought experiment- what if I spent the next few weeks only reading financial news stories/research/information that do not contain the word "bernanke." Better yet, what if I could just run the big "minus" filter on a host of terms including "qe," "fed," "gold," and also "bubble" for good measure.

I probably wouldn't be able to visit zerohedge anymore, which would be a bummer because that is one of my favorite sites.

I know this whole thing is in uncharted waters currently, but Every now and then don't you get bernanke fatigue? Fiat fatigue? Maybe it is just a part of getting older. Maybe my father was in this position 30 years ago when he was looking at the economic future of the country and hearing doubts about where it was going to be in 30 years. Maybe you can always find things to worry about.. Maybe my father had Volker fatigue in 1983. Maybe things have never looked good to anyone and all of us current market participants are just in the same position our fathers were in. Maybe it is time to stop worrying about it so much.

I know you can respond with umpteen stats about how this time it's different. How the gap between the rich and the poor has steadily increased, and how incomes have come down (or if you want to make the argument they've gone up in aggregate). Don't bother making them to me though. At this point I tend to just nod my head when I hear someone's prediction about where the economy and the country are headed.

I'll continue to read about and follow it all because that's the way I'm wired, but boy a vacation would be nice. 

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