Sunday, November 6, 2011

Smallcap Screen Part II - Lotus. Jiangbo and Huifeng

Ok, so maybe I should call this a microcap screen, but for now lets ignore the semantics.
I finally got around to checking into Lotus Pharmaceuticals. They use essentially the same corporate structure as Skystar, controlling a china-based entity through "contractual arrangements." They also executed a reverse split in 2010, yet the shares still trade for less than a dollar. I'm going to rule this one out as well. (If you want to know why, refer to my previous analysis.)

The final 2 similar-looking pharmas that show up on the list are Jiangbo Pharma and Huifeng Bio-Phar. I am going to save myself some work and assume that these companies also have a similar corporate structure as Skystar. To repeat: I'm not saying these are necessarily bad structures, I'm just saying they don't offer me enough certainty to invest my hard-earned money. You are free to make your own determination.

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