Friday, July 27, 2007

Bottled Water is Really Tap Water

Apparently the news that Aquafina is going to start writing "P.W.S" on its bottles in order to indicate that the water in the bottle comes from a "public water source" ( is big news to some people.

Um yes, they take in water from what amounts to a giant tap, filter it, and bottle it. You then pay a dollar or so a bottle. That's how much it costs to get a drink when you're out and about. I wouldn't care if they took the water from a dirty lake and then filtered it (as long as it is as pure as the stuff they have now), I still prefer it to soda. Yes I think it should be cheaper, especially at the movies where a bottle costs you about $2.50 in NYC, but it doesn't shock me. The alternative is unfiltered tap water, which i often get at restaurants anyway, but tastes pretty horrible sometimes. Have you tasted water out of some of these public water fountains lately?

Besides a little bit of syrup in every can, coke works the same way. Its mostly filtered (i assume) water. Would people be shocked to see a news story stating that coke is 95% public water? Sadly, they probably would.

What did you think Aquafina and Dasani were? Spring water?


SavingDiva said...

Great post! I wonder where people were thinking the water came you should do a breaking news story about how coke is mainly carbonated tap water. You might be able to sell the story! :)

MoneyMan said...

The Economist also has a story on this topic:

MoneyMan said...

And thats a good point diva! :)